Thursday, April 23, 2015

Gear Up for MATLAB !

So the countdown begins for our next workshop on MATLAB. MATLAB (Matrix Laboratory) is a computer simulation software which helps us to simulate various conditions. It's a very efficient way to find the results of an experiment. This not only saves money, but also the time and energy required to build it and to obtain the desired observations. Furthermore MATLAB allows matrix manipulations, plotting of functions and data implementation of algorithms, creation of user interfaces, and interfacing with programs written in other languages, including C, C++, Java, Fortran and Python. Wondering what purpose does this software exactly serves for an engineer? This is what our mechanical engineering guy, Mr. Mechie has to say about MATLAB :

“I was using friction welding to weld different steel tubes and then check the temperature after predetermined time lapses.I was also noticing the kind of surface that was being produced.  Now I had all the data tabulated, but they just looked like numbers. If you held those tables in your hand it would still take you a lot of time to study through the data and make a vague sense of it all. So I inserted all the data in MATLAB and got myself a nifty looking 3D graph Which looks awesome and makes your life simple. I think this can be done using other softwares also, but they might be more complicated than MATLAB.
Day by day I became so confident in MATLAB, that even a friend of mine, who is working on his project on flow through pipes asked me if I could solve a little equation of his that had 5 variables and luckily 4 boundary condition. And it took me just 5 minutes on MATLAB. He still thanks me for helping in his final presentation! :-)”
So, we are pretty sure that this workshop will not only help you explore this important software, but also apply it in your project works.
The workshop will be held on 25/4/15( Saturday) in the G3 hall in new academic building. It will be a one day workshop on “Basics of MATLAB”. At the end, all the students will be divided into suitable groups and will be given projects related to MATLAB. Certificates shall be provided only after the submission of their projects. This is to be noted that all the students should have a laptop with MATLAB software installed prior to the workshop. Those students who do not have laptops can manage in groups with other students present in the workshop. Other details regarding the workshop like timing of the workshop, etc shall be provided soon. Please have a regular look at the blog.
We are looking forward to your participation...

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