Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Career Talks 2015

MES is going to arrange a series of talks for all the students of AEC. This will help them to identify various career options which they can pursue after completion of their B.Tech. As for now, we are arranging an Introduction Talk to be delivered by our faculty coordinator Prof. Aniruddha Guha. The details for the first talk are as mentioned below -

Eligible Students - All current Final Year Students
Date - August 20, 2015
Time - 3.30 P.M.
Venue - Vivekananda Seminar Hall, Department of ME

All interested must fill up the form by 19th August, 2015. The link to the form is given below
Registration Form for the first talk

Monday, August 3, 2015

Registration Forms for different posts of the Students' Council, MES

Please click the following links for the registration forms for the different posts in the Students' Council for the session of 2015-16.

Registration form for the post of President - Click Here

Registration form for the post of Secretary - Click Here

Registration form for the post of Jt. Secretary - Click Here

Registration form for Accounts Team member's post - Click Here

Registration form for the post of coordinator - Click Here

Registration form for Editorial Team member's post - Click Here

Please fill your choices by August 07, 2015.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Hummer O2...the Kaaaaaar of the Future

 2015 Blue Sky Concept that addresses environmental sustainability, the HUMMER 02 was created to demonstrate that daily use of a vehicle could result in a net gain for the environment. The HUMMER 02 Concept features a phototropic body shell that produces pure oxygen throughout the life of the vehicle. Algae-filled body panels transform carbon dioxide into pure oxygen that is subsequently released back into the environment and inside the vehicle.

The HUMMER 02 Concept features a revolutionary phototropic body shell that produces pure oxygen throughout the life of the vehicle. Algae-filled body panels transform carbon dioxide into pure oxygen that is subsequently released back into the environment and inside the vehicle.The HUMMER 02 promotes the production of oxygen by a two-way valve system in the corner of each panel. 
Four modular and self-contained fuel cells power hydraulic motors built into each wheel. A hydrogen tank is placed in an ideal central location for safety and structural purposes, becoming the “heart” of the vehicle.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Let's Entrepreneur Mech Nerds

From college to startup: inspiring stories of 10 young entrepreneurs, by Rashmi Bansal

Among this crowd of thousands , there are many who don't wish to serve the society.But instead they wish to contribute in their own , independent way. They come up with something innovative, what the society coloquially calls  "bizzare". These are called "Entrpreneurs".Check this page for some motivation Inspiring Story Of Rashmi BansalArise Awake

Friday, May 15, 2015

MATLAB project update

Keeping in consideration the upcoming semester exams and the practical exams in the 
next week, it has been decided that the participants of the workshop on “MATLAB” held on 25/4/15 shall submit only the abstracts of their mini projects this semester.The abstracts , containing a brief 
outline of the experiment their GUI serves,the parameters of the experiment considered during the project, the formulas used and the plots(if any) to be constructed. The dates of submission of MATLAB code and GUI will be announced later. The abstract should be in .ppt format.

Deadline of Abstract submission:24/5/15.
Email: mechsocietyaec@gmail.com

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Gear Up for MATLAB !

So the countdown begins for our next workshop on MATLAB. MATLAB (Matrix Laboratory) is a computer simulation software which helps us to simulate various conditions. It's a very efficient way to find the results of an experiment. This not only saves money, but also the time and energy required to build it and to obtain the desired observations. Furthermore MATLAB allows matrix manipulations, plotting of functions and data implementation of algorithms, creation of user interfaces, and interfacing with programs written in other languages, including C, C++, Java, Fortran and Python. Wondering what purpose does this software exactly serves for an engineer? This is what our mechanical engineering guy, Mr. Mechie has to say about MATLAB :

“I was using friction welding to weld different steel tubes and then check the temperature after predetermined time lapses.I was also noticing the kind of surface that was being produced.  Now I had all the data tabulated, but they just looked like numbers. If you held those tables in your hand it would still take you a lot of time to study through the data and make a vague sense of it all. So I inserted all the data in MATLAB and got myself a nifty looking 3D graph Which looks awesome and makes your life simple. I think this can be done using other softwares also, but they might be more complicated than MATLAB.
Day by day I became so confident in MATLAB, that even a friend of mine, who is working on his project on flow through pipes asked me if I could solve a little equation of his that had 5 variables and luckily 4 boundary condition. And it took me just 5 minutes on MATLAB. He still thanks me for helping in his final presentation! :-)”
So, we are pretty sure that this workshop will not only help you explore this important software, but also apply it in your project works.
The workshop will be held on 25/4/15( Saturday) in the G3 hall in new academic building. It will be a one day workshop on “Basics of MATLAB”. At the end, all the students will be divided into suitable groups and will be given projects related to MATLAB. Certificates shall be provided only after the submission of their projects. This is to be noted that all the students should have a laptop with MATLAB software installed prior to the workshop. Those students who do not have laptops can manage in groups with other students present in the workshop. Other details regarding the workshop like timing of the workshop, etc shall be provided soon. Please have a regular look at the blog.
We are looking forward to your participation...

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Planning For The Future.....


After successfully organizing the first workshop"AutoSpark 2k15"  on the "Automobiles and it's latest Technologies", we like to inform you that the countdown for our next workshop has begun with the support and blessings of our teachers, and the team spirit  of M.E.S. members, . Though the topic of the workshop has not yet  been decided , it will train and acquaint students with latest software in the field of Mechanical Engineering.

 Yes it is true that we faced certain drawbacks in our last attempt. But we, Team M.E.S, with the determination and will, shall strive to overcome them and make the next workshop a better experience for the participants.

Ideas from all are always welcome and we shall try to make them reality depending on their feasibility.So , you the reader are requested to kindly drop some comments on this page .

Finally to conclude , thanks for your support for being with us .Your support and cooperation shall help us to develop and grow M.E.S. to become the pride of Asansol Engineering College.

M.E.S. is not just a society, it's a family.......Thanks for being an integral part of it.