Wednesday, March 25, 2015

We successfully conducted our first workshop 'AutoSPARK' 2015,  on 'Automobile and its latest technologies' in our college under the banner of MES. as it was first of its kind in our society that a workshop had been organised and we had some sorts of problem which we (Student Body) faced and in future we will try to sort out those problems. Feedback from the students has been analyzed and we will take action to tackle those problems. All the materials related to workshop will be available soon on our website. And can be downloaded from our Website

Overall this workshop was a success and it was not last. More workshops (3/semester) will be organised in this society, like workshop on CFD(Computational Fluid Dynamics), Design and 3D printing, and many more will come in future.

Monday, March 9, 2015

AutoSPARK 2015

The inaugural event of the society, AutoSPARK is going to be organized on 21st and 22nd March, 2015. The detailes can be found at the link below.

Details of AutoSPARK