Wednesday, February 4, 2015

1,2,3... Let's Start!

Okay, so finally the budding Mechanical Engineers of AEC have decided to work with something, that will not only help them to grow as an ENGINEER but also give them an opportunity to pursue their interest. Brilliant!!! The kind of enthusiasm you all have shown this time is unmatched and I strongly believe, proper execution of your plans will take you a long way. Yes, that "proper execution" part is the most important segment of this whole idea. Plans without execution is of no use. So, make sure you burn enough calories (at the right places) to make this happen. All these activities will take you through the elements, which are extremely essential to build strong technical and managerial skills. I wish you all the very best and promise my support in all your endeavors.
"May the force be with you"!!! :)

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